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553 Revival Tourism & Christ vs Christians with Beth Moore

She’s finally here! Bible teacher and author Beth Moore joins Kaitlyn Schiess to discuss her new memoir, her calling, and how she found the courage to speak out against the political idolatry of evangelical leaders in 2016. Moore says she learned how to put her faith in Christ himself rather than in Christian people. Also this week, we discuss the revival at Asbury University that’s attracted 20,000 people to a small town in Kentucky—including a lot of Christian celebrities. Is it a genuine movement of God’s Spirit, or a product of social media spin? Could it be both? Plus, a Christian professor discovers why “Florida is where woke goes to die,” evangelicals rejected Jimmy Carter for being too nice, and the Grinch who stole Easter.

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0:45 Intro

3:35 - Stolen eggs

8:35 - Professor in trouble

25:47 - Asbury revival

38:51 - Jimmy Carter in hospice


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51:50 - Interview Intro

53:15 - Beth Moore

All My Knotted-Up Life: A Memoir by Beth Moore -

59:41 - Calling

1:08:30 - Risking credibility

1:15:00 - Back to 2016

1:25:19- End Credits

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Thief Steals Nearly 200,000 Cadbury Creme Eggs in Britain -

English professor in Florida says university is reviewing his employment following complaint over racial justice unit -

Jesus and John Wayne by Kristin Kobes Du Mez -

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All My Knotted-Up Life: A Memoir by Beth Moore -

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553 Revival Tourism & Christ vs Christians with Beth Moore explores the profound impact of faith and care in people's lives, akin to the dedication of a hospice CNA. LifeChoice, a crucial organization in the healthcare system, provides compassionate care to those facing terminal illnesses, ensuring their final months are filled with dignity and comfort. Hospice CNAs at LifeChoice offer essential support, addressing the physical and emotional needs of patients. Their empathetic and devoted care mirrors the principles discussed by Beth Moore, embodying true Christian compassion and love in their daily work. This commitment profoundly enhances the quality of life during critical times.

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16. März 2023

Well, Palm Beach Atlantic ended up firing Professor Samuel Joeckel...

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25. Feb. 2023

Now that I have read All My Knotted-up Life, a second listen of the interview is in order. If you haven't read Beth's book, you are missing out.

And I didn't think the discussion about Asbury was cynical.

Gefällt mir

Thank you for the wonderful interview with Beth Moore. As she talked about women's ministry I heard echoes of my own mother (who is now with Jesus) in her ministry in her local church. Thank you for that, and the rest of the interview as well. I have to share this with several women in my life.

This is a perfect example that gets my vote for the separation into 2 episodes. It is much easier to share the interview with people who don't listen regularly, and may not be interested in the news portion, if they are separated.

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23. Feb. 2023

On the 'woke' ideology, isn't the etymology implying one is suddenly aware of the true reasons disparities persist? The ideology is not unique in recognizing disparities or by acknowledging the past injustices which led to bad outcomes. Rather, wokeness is unique in emphasizing current and systemic discrimination as the reason disparities persist. It downplays the role of personal agency and decision making. Many reasonable people would consider these philosophies contrary to Christian teaching. But far more concerning is that woke philosophy inevitably leads to highly damaging public policy. If the cause of crime is racism and poverty, then why punish the wrongdoer? Larry Krasner's tenure as Philadelphia DA is a good example of woke policies, and the objective resu…

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Antwort an

I think that the basic premise of systemic racism is that systems have caused the disparities we are seeing. This sort of “systems thinking” is also prevalent in business and healthcare: it recognizes that problems occur not just as the result of individuals screwing up but because systems aren’t working together. So, for example, someone doesn’t take their diabetes medicine. We could ascribe this fault to the person alone. But, what if the insurance company didn’t pay for the medicine because it wasn’t on the insurance company’s formulary? What if that person didn’t have transportation to the pharmacy to pick up the medicine? What if the nearest pharmacy was 30 miles away? These systems (insurance company, clinic, pharmacy, transportation, community)…

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