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552 Jesus Gets Us & We Get Data on Christian Nationalists with Kristin Kobes Du Mez

A Christian campaign spent $20 million on two ads during the Super Bowl, but the “He Gets Us” commercials are facing criticism from both the right and left. One side says the ads did not present the gospel. The other says the campaign’s funders are bigots. And everyone is wondering if the $20 million could have been spent more effectively. Phil, Skye, and Kaitlyn offer their takes. Then, Tim Keller has a new article with his prescription for how Christianity can thrive again in America, but does it all come down to overcoming political idolatry? And a new report from PRRI looks at the sobering data about Christian Nationalism. One-third of Americans are either committed Christian Nationalists or very sympathetic to it, and the majority of them are white evangelicals. Historian Kristin Kobes Du Mez is back to discuss the data and explain the link between Christian Nationalism, patriarchy, and authoritarianism. Plus, a candy factory is sued after workers fall into a chocolate vat.

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0:00 - Intro

3:55 - Workers in a vat of chocolate

6:30 - He gets us

28:46 - American Christianity


56:28 - Faithful Counseling

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57:37 - Interview Intro

59:00 - Kristin Kobes Du Mez

1:11:48 - Christian Nationalism and patriarchy

1:29:15 - Demographics

1:32:36 - End Credits

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It is simply not true to say that "One-third of Americans are either committed Christian Nationalists or very sympathetic to it." (29% does not equal 33%). Using that math it would be just as easy to say that three-quarters of Americans are either very skeptical or reject Christian Nationalism all together, which makes this much ado about nothing.


Peggy Balcom
Peggy Balcom
Feb 24, 2023

You're way too hard on the Jesus gets me commercials. You need to interview the creators. If God can speak though an ass...

Replying to

Totally agree. Let's celebrate people and organizations who are getting people to talk about Jesus and let the Holy Spirit handle the impact.


Can Skye please explain what he is meaning when he says “House Church” and what that looks like? De-platforming the message I believe he said. It sounds self explanatory, but I’d very much like to hear what that looks like. My heart and mind has been moving that direction for several months now, where I find myself disagreeing with the way church has always been done. My ideal church would be families meeting in someone’s home, sharing a meal, praying over our children and families, and having community.

Lisa Crews
Lisa Crews
Feb 20, 2023
Replying to

The one I attended did singing (guitar and/or piano), praying, and bible study, communion once a month. Meals immediately after were once a month. Be realistic about it. I attended that house church for 5-6 years before moving across the US 5 years ago. The pastor and his wife are the highest quality people I've ever met, but just because it was at house with a smaller group of people who have the opportunity to develop close, vibrant community doesn't automatically mean it will happen. If it does happen, it doesn't mean it will continue long term. Church problems arise in all churches, large and small. It's shocking how several members who had been close to that pastor and his wif…


Mervin Bitikofer
Mervin Bitikofer
Feb 17, 2023

Speaking as someone who *is* in regular relationship with people who are at least sympathetic toward Christian Nationalism, as well as those who shun the thought, the quest to find any common ground is important, but such commonalities seem discouragingly small compared to how large the differences loom for everyone. For one thing, the Nationalists want the nation parked on some idealized (for them) space where the enforcement of the selected morals they deem important is more important even than democracy. And their opponents don't see any such "idealized space" of either past or present, but are fighting instead for an orientation that carries us away from past and utterly corrupt practices ... wanting to carry us to ... a…


While Tim Keller's first response of dealing with political idolatry is important, it is not close to sufficient to heal any of the 5 ills. When I was growing up in the church in the 60's and 70's we kept politics at arm's length from our faith and had not started down the road of political idolatry. But this did not help us have any greater concern for social justice than we see today, and probably less (for example). Repenting of idolatry is crucial, but it has to be replaced with a real relationship or new idols will come to replace it.

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