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545 What Story is the Bible Telling? with Timothy Gombis

What story are we in? A rescue plan to get us out of a dying world? God's mission to save us from sin? Is my true purpose in life to "go to heaven and take as many people with me as I can?" Is the Bible all about Jesus? Phil sits down with the ever-provocative New Testament Bible scholar Timothy Gombis to talk about the BIG story of the Bible and God's plan for us that's even bigger than "rescue from sin." After the interview, Skye and Christian join Phil to debrief and sing, in the words of a certain tomato, the "what have we learned?" song.

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Interview with Timothy Gombis

Power in Weakness-

Paul: A Guide for the Perplexed -

0:00 - Intro 1:29 - Timothy Gombis Interview

7:07 - Labels and Categories

17:05 - Purpose in life

29:11- Defining evangelism

37:19 - Summarizing the Gospel


48:26 - Sponsor: World Relief

50:26 Phil, Skye, Christian debrief

1:08:36- End Credits

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Max R.
Max R.
Apr 25

Great podcast and interview! And yes, there are no angel numbers in the bible as many claim. Timothy Gombis is a great speak, I love listening to him :)


Melanie S
Melanie S
Feb 16, 2023

Really love The Holy Post and the diversity of guests (including this one) and the insightfulness and joy of all the hosts too. Thank you for doing this. Regarding this particular podcast, I feel like this whole “get back to the garden of eden” thing / intent is a bizarre and super popular thing right now (also seems like an excuse to dismiss certain of Jesus’ commands). Where in the Bible did it say the intent is for it to be like the garden of Eden again? Why can Eden not be the beginning of the journey? Thank you, Skye, for bringing this point up. There is no “New Eden” in the Bible, but new jerusalem/heaven/earth…. so I just don…


Feb 03, 2023

Loved the debrief at the end of the inteview. I also like the new format of splitting the podcast in two.


Jan 28, 2023

This was a thought-provoking interview! Not sure I buy his take on the Great Commission and the concept of a Christological vs Christocentric reading of the Bible seemed to me to be splitting hairs. I’ll have to chew over his thoughts on evangelism. It is something I feel guilty about not doing more of because I don’t know how to start the conversation without turning people off, because the minute you bring God into the convo people often clam up, but I honestly don’t think we can get out of it by claiming that the GC doesn’t apply to us. Paul does say ‘how can anyone believe if they have not heard’ implying the need for people to tell the…


First, I want to say that I like the new format, especially the "debrief" after the interview. Having the interview separate really just reflects the way I was listening already, as I usually listened to the new segment, and then the interview separately. I like the additional flexibility given by having them separate.

I want to express how grateful I am to the Holy Post podcast and all who make it a reality. I've been listening for several years now, and with less time to listen to podcasts these days, the Holy Post is my "go to" podcast that I never miss. While I don't agree with everything I hear, that is precisely why I listen--to be challenged. I've be…

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