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540: Top Stories of ’22, “Tots of Scorn,” & the Naughty List with a Secret Guest

What were the most important stories of 2022? Phil, Skye, and Christian discuss the embrace of Christian Nationalism, political and cultural issues dividing evangelicalism, and how Twitter has deteriorated into a middle school lunchroom food fight.

They also discuss their predictions for 2023 including the frightening rise of A.I., and how a bus could bring Americans together. The hosts are also interrupted by an unexpected guest who wants to set the record straight about the War on Christmas, and why Phil is on the “Naughty List.” Plus, everyone’s favorite Christmas songs, hymns, and movies, and cows flee a live Nativity.

Patreon Bonus: Christian Asks... What is the biblical definition of “heaven”? -

0:00 - Intro

3:10 - Favorite carols and movies

7:32 - Cows escape nativity event

10:51 - Secret guest segment

25:39 - Stories from 2022

1:08:28 - Predictions for 2023

1:13:15 - Credits


“After cows escaped its live nativity event, this North Carolina church had a not-so-silent night” -

“Unitarians and Episcopalians Created American Christmas” by Daniel K. Williams (Christianity Today) -

“Nostradamus predictions 2023: World War III, new Pope, Mars landing and more” -

Mike Erre’s podcast -

Holy Post website:

Thanks to Patreon supporters for sitting in on the live recording of this week’s episode! For more information about our Patreon, visit:


Lisa Crews
Lisa Crews
Dec 22, 2022

1. Why abortion is likely to increase post Dobbs: Skye is right. Most abortions are due to economic issues. Adults of childbearing age face skyrocketing cost of living issues: transportation, housing, childcare, college and healthcare with wage stagnation. The longer it lasts, the steadier the abortion rate will be unless we finally start teaching people to use 2 methods of contraception at the same time, every time. Americans are bad at math and don’t really understand that contraception failure rates mean in practical terms. Because of that fewer are marrying, more are choosing childfree lives, and those that do have children a have fewer on average than previous generations. There will be ripple effects in fostercare and fostadopt progr…


Kyle Franklin
Kyle Franklin
Dec 22, 2022

I’ve heard some art historians saying that the donkey and the ox represent the lordship of Christ over both Jews and gentiles.

Also I think the special guest segment went a little bit longer than it was funny. But I’m probably in the minority on that.


“Your paper is too good” is how world language teachers have been detecting Google Translate for years! I think Skye is right - proving it might be more difficult, though.

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