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537: The War Over Christmas Movies & Gen Z’s Mental Health with Josh Packard

The Hallmark Channel is now producing Christmas movies with LGBTQ characters and relationships leading the network’s former CEO to launch a new holiday movie channel with straight relationships only. The Holy Post crew discusses the role of representation in entertainment, and why a number of recent LGBTQ-centric movies have bombed at the box office.

Then, Al Mohler attacked David French for not opposing civil same-sex marriages leading Phil to ask whether Mohler is more interested in defending Christianity or just conservatism. And Skye talks with Josh Packard from Springtide Research about the mental health of Gen Z. New data says young people who engage in spiritual practices experience greater mental health, but they’re not the practices most congregations promote.

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News Segment

00:00 - Intro and updates

5:19 - The war over Christmas movies

34:42 - David French and Al Mohler

Interview with Josh Packard

Springtide Research Institute: Gen Z and Mental Health -

51:31 - Interview intro

52:35 - Big takeaways from recent findings

55:12 - Creating healthy environments

58:33 - Gen Z and spiritual practices

1:05:30 - Safety in faith communities

1:08:37 - Challenge vs despair

1:11:32 - Loneliness and connection

1:23:53 - Further resources

1:26:45 - Credits

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