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267: Race in America - The History of Post-Civil War Racism (Re-post)

Updated: May 29, 2020

Note: We're re-posting this important episode due to current and recurring events. Original air date: 8/29/2017

Slavery ended in America with the stroke of a pen in 1865, but the 13th Amendment didn't end institutional racism. 

Not even close. 

Phil and his law professor brother Rob recently taught a class that touched on the Black Lives Matter movement, asking and attempting to answer the question, “Why so angry?  Isn’t racism over?”  Sure, the 19th century was tough. But what’s happened since then?  Phil mentioned the class on a recent podcast, and numerous listeners wanted to hear more.  So… here we go!  From Reconstruction to Black Lives Matter, we take a look at the last 125 years of race relations in America!

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