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Wireframe modeling:Create a 3D wireframe representation of your drawing, then use the wireframe as a springboard to model your drawings in a way that’s both easier and more accurate than traditional modeling. (video: 1:42 min.)Linked files and drawings:Link AutoCAD files together, as well as let users collaborate on drawings. Do more with linked files, including:• Distribute and update drawings and files to users• Easily incorporate third-party tools and data• Create links to exchange files with other users or the Internet• Find files that are out of sync• Link shapes, groups, and blocks to a drawing or group of drawings• Pinpoint links to specific drawings or drawing layers• Create links that are just visible or hidden, which lets you filter the document view for links or remove links• Link text and tag attributes from shape or text blocks• Create project-specific links and shortcut links• Create links to other AutoCAD drawings and other types of filesProtection:Protect drawings by adding a password to your drawing, the group the drawing is in, or the drawing session, so no one can open your drawings without the password or log on to your computer as an unauthorized user. In addition, lock a drawing so it can’t be edited or viewable to anyone except you. (video: 1:16 min.)Erase polylines and surfaces:Automatically erase a drawing’s drawing elements, such as polylines and surfaces, that aren’t part of a blocked path. You can erase with a snap tool or with a new erase command. (video: 1:34 min.)Smarter search:Search for parts and object types by name. Get more relevant results by searching for other parts, objects, or user tags. Search using various filters, such as size, the way you created the part or object, or what type of tool you used to create the part or object. You can even quickly scan through your drawings for specific part or object types. (video: 2:07 min.)View details:Examine drawing elements. See a variety of drawing and property information in the ribbon bar. You can view, select, and copy detailed properties without opening the 2be273e24d


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