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Why I'm Still a Christian with Jemar Tisby

Updated: Nov 29, 2023

The last five or six years have been rough for many thoughtful faithful Christians. The embrace of Trump and Trumpism, the rise of ethnic nationalism and xenophobia, conspiracy theories and abuse scandals have rocked the church.

Many have walked away in disgust. Some have spoken out and paid the price and yet,

rather than walking away, they have remained committed to Christ and his church. We wanted to sit down with a few of those who have cried out like voices in the wilderness and who have been attacked by the church they love, and yet still remain. One of those people is Jemar Tisby who is a professor of history at Simmons College of Kentucky in Louisville. He's also the author of the New York Times best selling book, The Color Of Compromise and How to Fight Racism.

Tisby’s efforts to help the white church come to terms with its own racist history led to speaking invitations and conference appearances and then a brutal backlash as he became the face for many of the dangers of woke in the church. I sat down with Jemar Tisby to find out why after all the attacks, he's still following Jesus.

0:00 - Theme Song

0:29 - Intro

1:40 - Jemar’s backstory

5:15 - When Jemar started talking about race

18:22 - What Jemar has learned about God in the last 6 years

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23:07 - How Jemar’s view on faith has transformed

37:29 - End Credits


Jemar Tisby

Episode Music - “Sorrow’s Got a Hold On Me” by Paul Zach

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