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Why Do White Christians Vote Republican, and Black Christians Vote Democrat?

The vast majority of white Christians vote Republican. The vast majority of black Christians vote Democrat. Why is that? Don't they read the same Bible? Pray to the same God? Which group is voting for the wrong party?? And what about the fact that 100 years ago, the first black congressmen were Republicans, and the guys in white bedsheets and pointy hats were Democrats?? Let's take a quick trip through history to find out how different groups of American Christians have ended up reading the same Bible, praying to the same God, and voting very, very differently.

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Hi Phil, great post. Thanks for your history lesson. But it still doesn't change the fact that God is God and the Bible is His Word. And those who believe in His Word should take it to heart when He says "abortion is murder" and "homosexuality is sin" (ref:, just to mention two of Democratics and the Progressives agendas. I agree we can all look at our history and have it affect our thoughts and actions today, but as born-again believers we are 'new creations in Christ, the old has gone, the new is come'. So it is hard for me to fathom a born-again believing black "Christian" voting Democrat or Progressive when that party and all who serve…

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