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Skyepod - Drew's News

Updated: Feb 26

Skye Jethani's podcast takes its maiden voyage with Drew Dyck as they discuss airplanes, audiobooks, and the upcoming presidential election.

We're going to be workshopping this podcast over the next few weeks so let us know what you think!

This episode is available only for Holy Post Plus subscribers. Not a subscriber? Head on over to Holy Post Plus for a free 5 minute preview!

1 Comment

I have a number of thoughts about your treatment of the Tony Evans story. Full disclosure, I greatly respect Tony and if anything, this chapter has served to deepen that respect. My first concern is that you confirmed exactly what my first thought was when I saw the news, that the vagueness of the announcement would lead to speculation about the nature of the sin and that that speculation would immediately lead to the worst conclusions. When will people, especially believers, realize the dangers in believing we can know another’s heart.

Secondly, the comment about the “creepiness” of Tony’s study Bible were uncalled for and inappropriate. This Bible is a “Tony Evans Bible” only insofar as it is filled with…

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