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Episode 478: Foreign Policy, Adoption, & Race with Esau McCaulley & Jamie Ivey

This week is a special a double feature! First, Phil talks to Esau McCaulley about his recent NY Times editorial about President Biden’s vengeance against terrorists in Afghanistan. McCaulley asks why so few Christian politicians seem to have Christian instincts, and what role should forgiveness have in American foreign policy.

Then, Skye interviews author and podcaster Jamie Ivey about her experience as a white mom raising black kids, how it’s changed her understanding of race, and why she no longer believes love can solve every problem. Also this week—new polling indicates a frightening number of people on both the right and left want to disunite the country. Are we on a path toward civil war, and is social media to blame?

News Segment

Trump voters are worried about anti-white discrimination and think Christianity is under attack [4:00]

People on the right and left wanting to disunite the country [15:10]

Interview w/ Esau McCaulley

Interview Start: [25:41] “The Dangerous Politics of ‘We Will Not Forgive’”

“Reading While Black”

Interview with Jamie Ivey:

The Happy Hour with Jamie Ivey:

“God Made You to Be You”

Ivey Family Interview with Emmanuel Acho:

Interview Start: [54:14]

The decision to adopt [58:48]

Jamie’s background [1:00:54]

Parenting differently and the church’s response [1:08:54]

Connecting kids with black heritage [1:19:50]

Frustration and hope with the church [1:28:12]

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I appreciate you highlighting transracial adoption. I am a white woman who has five children, all adopted, and one is African-American. I also run an online resource for foster parents (A Fostered Life). I can relate to a lot of what Jamie shared, from what she has learned over the years about race and racial justice, to wrestling with the tension of being a public figure in the foster care/adoption world and wanting to both offer helpful information and protect your children's privacy. I found myself nodding my head throughout the interview.

One piece of criticism I have faced over the years as someone who speaks publicly in the foster care world is that much of what we pay attention…

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Skye Jethani
Skye Jethani
19 oct 2021
Contestando a

Thanks, Christy. This is very helpful and I love the idea of interviewing those on the other side—the adults who were transracially adopted as kids. We’ll have our team look into the guests you’ve suggested. Peace, Skye

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15 oct 2021

Kudos to Jaime Ivey for sharing some of her experiences as an adoptive parent. Must say, however, as an adoptive parent with similar demographics that I disagree with some of her perspective about the challenges for a black kid in a white family. If the deck is stacked against my kids, it's because everyone keeps telling them that they will 'have to work twice as hard' and that they won't get a fair shake. It's been totally untrue in school, in extra-curriculars, in college admissions, and at least so far in the career opportunities the oldest has received. But I consider the constant message that they are at a big disadvantage, which is so often repeated, to be huge demotivator.…

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