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Are the Kids Alright? EPISODE 5: How to Walk Alongside Gen Z with Tanita Maddox

Updated: Nov 29, 2023

Whether you're a parent, a youth pastor, a teacher or a young person yourself, you've probably seen all of the headlines concerning Gen Z. Rates of depression and loneliness are surging, their relationship with technology is kind of troubling, and they are leaving the church in droves. We've talked about these trends a lot on the Holy Post, but we're not alone. Tenx10 is a new collaborative discipleship initiative whose mission is to make faith matter more for this younger generation. We've partnered with Tenx10 to create this series and to hear from experts in each episode about the challenges young people and those who care about them are facing. One of those experts is Tanita Maddox. Tanita is the Associate Regional Director for the Western Mountain Region for Young Life and has worked in youth ministry for the last 30 years. She wrote her doctoral thesis on sharing the gospel with Gen Z and brings a unique insight and understanding of Gen Z that has served parents, employers, and educators in their understanding of the next generation. I sat down with Tanita to find out if the kids are going to be alright.

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