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618: Commencement Controversy & Racial Reconciliation with Latasha Morrison

Updated: May 28

Kansas City Chiefs Kicker, Harrison Butker, recently gave a controversial commencement address at Benedictine College where he drew on some popular conservative talking points about Pride Month, Covid 19 policies, and the calling of women in the home. Phil, Skye, and Kaitlyn discuss the problems they had with the speech, as well as their frustrations with some of the criticism of the speech, and how Butker's views seem to have been influenced more by conservative politics than the historic Catholic position on these issues. Then, Kaitlyn sits down with Latasha Morrison to talk about her new book, "Brown Faces, White Spaces." They discuss the importance of understanding historical context to grasp the roots and impacts of systemic racism, and practical ways that churches and individuals can engage in the work of racial reconciliation. Plus, a megachurch in Texas tried to manipulate a traffic study for a stop light, and Phil thinks he has proof that News of the Butt is the best part of the podcast.

0:00 - Intro

1:29 - Show Starts

2:26 - Theme Song

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5:11 - Megachurch Manipulates Stoplight Placement

10:49 - News of the Butt Supporters Speak Out

13:35 - Harrison Butker

23:00 - Why Did Butker’s Speech Get So Much Attention?

29:31 - Pope Francis Says Conservatives Have “Suicidal” Mindset

37:12 - Is the Media More Spiritually Formative Than the Pope?

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46:40 - Interview

48:20 - What is “Be the Bridge?”

55:37 - Understanding Historical Context in Discussing Racial Divide

59:02 - Why She Combined Personal History, Data, and the Bible in “Be the Bridge”

1:03:40 - How Scripture Informs Justice

1:14:14 - Jesus, the Suffering Servant

1:19:53 - Maintaining Hope for Restoration

1:24:48 - End Credits

Links Mentioned in the News Segment:

Benedictine Sisters of Mount St. Scholastica Rebut Harrison Butker as No One Else Could:

Pope Francis says U.S. Conservatives Have a “Suicidal Attitude”:

Other resources:

Be the Bridge: Pursuing God’s Heart for Racial Reconciliation:

Brown Faces, White Spaces: Confronting Systemic Racism to Bring Healing and Restoration:

Holy Post website:

Holy Post Plus:

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han gu
han gu
Jun 07

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It's crucial to approach these discussions with nuance and empathy, rather than reinforcing divisive rhetoric. snake game


I LOVE the Holy Post. I have a question that I would challenge you to answer in the spirit of "look in the mirror." What's the difference between getting the members at the church in Texas to increase traffic flow numbers and saying to Holy Posters: Subscribe to Curiously Kaitlyn so we can be the number one podcast of the week... you don't even need to listen to it. Just subscribe. (In true disclosure, I did subscribe and I did listen to CK and I don't live in Texas)

Replying to

Hi Matt - I would say the difference is trying to fake the results of a traffic survey so your local municipality spends taxpayer money for the sole benefit of your church, when the expense may not actually be justified if the study were done accurately. Trying to land on Apple's chart on day 1 of a podcast launch doesn't result in taxpayer dollars being spent under false pretense. I think that's the difference.


su xeko
su xeko
May 23

While I can see the value in indulging in these kind of games every once in a while to relieve tension, I think it's a bad idea to do it to the detriment of your other responsibilities. quordle game


The traffic light issue near the church is just another demonstration of the thief's mindset American churches have. It's all take/accumulation with no give/paying into services they use. The absurdity of tax exempt status for church buildings that are connected public roads, public sewers, public sidewalks, public traffic infrastructure, and access to public emergency services and law enforcement services as needed without willingly paying taxes is flat out theft. As is giving tax exempt status to churches that are building earthly wealth with their church related buildings (Christian colleges, Christian broadcasting, etc.) The American church loves Mammon/accumulation. Yet again, it's no wonder we've lost credibility in the culture. If you really want to attract people to your megachurch, I sugges…

Replying to

I agree that responding to one extreme with the opposite extreme is a serious problem.

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