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607: The Gift of Disillusionment with Mike Cosper

Updated: Mar 29

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607: Are you feeling disillusioned about your faith? About your church? You’re definitely not alone. Creator of “The Rise and Fall of Mars Hill” podcast, Mike Cosper, is back to talk about his new book, “Land of My Sojourn,” and how he came to embrace disillusionment as a gift. Also this week, Mike Erre joins Phil and Skye to discuss a new article trying to define and differentiate Christian Conservatism from Christian Nationalism. And they use these definitions to interpret Donald Trump’s recent remarks to the National Religious Broadcasters. Plus, Italy is using DNA testing to catch canine public offenders.

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Welcome Esau McCaulley to the Team

0:00 - Intro

2:03 - Show Starts

3:20 - Theme Song

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6:09 - Sam the Eagle

7:46 - Announcement

10:50 - News of the Butt - Dog Poop DNA Test

18:06 - Christian Nationalism vs Christian Conservatism

35:34 - Conservative, Nationalist, or Blasphemous Game Show

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59:47 - Interview

1:01:51 - Land of my Sojourn

1:08:08 - Why do we stay in denial?

1:17:54 - Seminary Preacher’s Sons

1:22:58 - Who Does Church Planting Draw?

1:37:43 - End Credits

Links Mentioned in the News Segment:

Christian Conservatism vs. Christian Nationalism

Trump Revival of Christian Power Speech

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9 comentários

cie kalyl
cie kalyl
05 de jun.

Among Us Online - Complete all tasks, identify and eliminate all impostors, or vote out the impostors during meetings.


Twice in the past week I’ve felt uneasy with Boomers I know perpetuating the false narrative of “the world” is against Christianity. Why do they keep telling this narrative and how does it affect what our leaders think is important to preach at church and teach through articles, podcast, videos, etc.? I think it is so ingrained in their mindset that they won’t ever be convinced it’s not true.


Trump speaking at the NRB is a new low for evangelicals. Was there at least one person who walked out on the speech....? I doubt it.

Yes, the Evangelical Industrial Complex is now thoroughly corrupt.

It reminds me of Mussolini speaking on the balcony above the Piazza Venezia.


Lee J Jones
Lee J Jones
09 de mar.

You asked what other profession would pay to sit around and talk to a bunch of people, you decided to stand up comics. I submit you also have teachers, and self-help gurus.


It seems as if the conversation about why Christians are turning to MAGA-ism or nationalism always comes back to the media - at least it seems like that's a common theory for Skye. I agree that the media has an influence. I've heard my father, an educated man, say things that he's read online and had to do a double take because of how strange/untrue they are. So yes, media has an influence. But I think the greater issue is idolatry. Churches and Christians are believing a lie that politics even matters. We are told over and over in the Bible that the things of this world are not our wisdom or our weapons. And yet I still think we…

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