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603: The Politics of Fear & Rethinking the Cross with Brian Zahnd

Well, here we are again. The very same arguments that were rolled out by MAGA Christian leaders to justify supporting Donald Trump in 2016 and 2020 are back again in 2024. A new article in the Christian Post says America’s survival depends on Christians voting for Trump. Why do these fear tactics still work? Then, it’s true that all politicians lie, but PolitiFacts says Trump is a league of his own. And scientists explain why negative polarization in our politics may have evolutionary origins.

Then Skye interviews pastor and author, Brian Zahnd, about his new book, “The Wood Between the Worlds: A Poetic Theology of the Cross.” He draws from art, literature, movies, and music to help us see the many facets of what Jesus really accomplished on that old rugged cross. Also this week, an early church father liked big couches and he cannot lie.

Holy Post Plus Bonus Interview with Brian Zahnd -

0:00 - Intro

1:46 - Show Starts

2:33 - Theme Song

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5:27 - Recapping the Liveshow

8:05 - News of the Butt

11:54 - Trump the Unreliable Watchman

28:18 - The Roots of Polarization

38:24 - Fatalism in America

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50:35 - Interview with Brian Zahnd

53:41 - Brian Zahnd’s Background

58:53 - America as a Religion

1:04:50 - Poetic Theology of the Cross

1:15:50 - The Paganization of the Cross

1:31:20 - End Credits

Links Mentioned in News Segment

With Desantis Out, Can a Christian Support Donald Trump?

What Politifact Learned in 1,000 Fact Checks of Donald Trump

Science is Revealing Why American Politics Are So Insanely Polarized

America’s Lack of Faith in Our Collective Power is a Bigger Problem Than Trump

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The Wood Between the Worlds: A Poetic Theology of the Cross

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