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601: Never Church Evangelicals and Hopeful Politics with Michael Wear

Updated: Mar 29

Evangelical voters have long supported Republican candidates, but who identifies as an evangelical Christian has changed over the years. A recent article written in The New York Times by Ruth Graham and Charles Homans argues that Trump is attracting a different kind of evangelical - one who loves their country and believes in God, but doesn’t actually go to church. Katelyn Beaty joins Phil and Kaitlyn to discuss the trend and why they aren’t as concerned this election cycle as previous ones. Then, Kaitlyn sits down with Michael Wear to discuss his new book, The Spirit of Our Politics: Spiritual Formation and the Renovation of Public Life. He explains how he uses the teachings of Dallas Willard to talk about how Christians should engage in politics and what it would look like to place our politics under our spiritual formation. Also this week, an Alabama man gets stuck in a vase.

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4:54 - Man Stuck in Urn

11:29 - New Year’s at Applebee’s

13:44 - Prince William Told to Abdicate

18:54 - Trump Attracting Unchurched Evangelicals

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54:58 - Interview with Michael Wear

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Prince William Told to Back Christianity or Abdicate:

Trump Is Connecting With a Different Type of Evangelical Voter:

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The Spirit of Our Politics: Spiritual Formation and the Renovation of Public Life.

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It offers a nuanced perspective that encourages deep reflection on the intersection of faith, politics, 1v1 lol and cultural shifts in contemporary society.


The possibility of the British sovereign not being a practicing Anglican is an interesting question. I would have liked to have heard a genuine discussion about it on the podcast.


A much simpler and less radical solution for Prince William not being "Christian" enough to be the head of the Anglican Church is to do what was always done in the past when the heir presumptive was deemed to have religious views incompatible with being the Supreme Governor of the Church of England - skip him and move to the person next in the line of succession who does have the appropriate religious convictions. This way the prince still has religious freedom, but it keeps the common sense that only an Anglican can be head of the Anglican Church.


Personally I think this is happening but I also think Evangelicals are using this “unchurched “ “new people “ to COVER the Fact that THEY brought this country to the brink of the END of our democracy as we have known it!

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