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554 Teenage Girls in Crisis & Rethinking Revelation with Scot McKnight

A new report from the CDC finds a record number of teenage girls are now debilitated by mental illnesses including depression, anxiety, and suicidal ideation. And social psychologist Jonathan Haidt says the evidence is abundant that social media is the cause, but the tech industry is resisting any changes. Phil, Kaitlyn, and Skye discuss the social, political, and spiritual dimensions of the crisis. They also revisit the Asbury revival and how previous revivals in America produced both good and bad fruit. New Testament professor, Scot McKnight, talks about his latest book, “Revelation for the Rest of Us.” He argues that a literal reading of the book isn’t just wrong but dangerous. Rather than speculating about timelines and events, McKnight says the book is intended to teach Christians in every age how to be discerning, dissident disciples within Babylon. Plus, unstoppable Canadian super pigs are coming!

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News Segment

0:00 - Intro

2:44 - Animal News

9:35 - Asbury Revival

26:22 - Mental health and social media

36:47 - Collective action

43:47 - Listening to teenagers

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57:23 - Interview Intro

59:29 - Scot McKnight

1:01: 12 - Speculation approach

1:06:55 - Dispensationalism

1:12:16 - Silence on Revelation

1:18:04 Revelation for the rest of us

1:22:14 - America and Babylon

1:32:37 - End Credits

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Revelation for the Rest of Us: A Prophetic Call to Follow Jesus as a Dissident Disciple by Scot McKnight -

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B. Joseph
B. Joseph
Mar 15, 2023

Skye, Most churches in America would have issues comparing America with babylon eschatologically with a major exception. The Seventh-day Adventists. Theres also an emphasis on systemic evil when dealing with eschatology as opposed to a specific evil end time individual.


If I'm not mistaken, those pigs were being bred in Alberta, and NOBODY talks like that in Alberta. They actually sound more like Texans, half the time, frankly. The congruencies between Alberta and Texas are more numerous than any of us are comfortable wtih.

Replying to

And Canadian Bacon was a WONDERFUL movie.


Dude, as a Canadian bad accent. What happened to Saddleback Church! Did you not not notice something in the news?


Jen Manlief
Jen Manlief
Mar 04, 2023

The discussion on social media was interesting to me because it's fascinating to me that we see studies that elevating white hetero-normative beauty and wealth standards on social media is a problem, so our solution is to blame social media as terrible rather than getting rid of white hetro-normative beauty and wealth standards, which are ACTUALLY what is depressing teen girls.

Social media has been a HUGE connecting point for people outside of white hetero normative beauty and wealth standards- those on the margins have found others who are like them when they don't find that in their lived locations. The niche communities on tiktok can be places of growth, acceptance and flourishing- and it's because they've let go o…

Michael Sullivan
Michael Sullivan
Mar 13, 2023
Replying to

Yeah .. I absolutely love these guys, but I feel that they are a bit disingenuous to blame channels that literally "keep the lights on" for them and continue to bless us with.


Tyler Aberle
Tyler Aberle
Mar 02, 2023

I much appreciate the perspective & insights of each of you --particularly what I grasp as a deep nuanced commitment to the Gospel and healthy remarkable view to the world and culture we struggle within.

I enjoyed Skye's interview with McKnight. I have deep respect for McKnight through various books he has written. It was good to hear him speak. I look forward to reading his latest book on Revelation.

I am wondering if any of you have seen (& maybe read) "Discipleship on the Edge: An Expository Journey Through the Book of Revelation" by Darrel Johnson? It sounds lofty --but is instead very earthy & contains so many of the same themes Skye & Scott discuss. It is…

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