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543: Women and the Gender of God with Amy Peeler

Updated: Jan 11

When Damar Hamlin collapsed during Monday Night Football we witnessed an outpouring of public prayer. We also saw a flood of vaccine conspiracy theories hit social media. Phil asks, why are conservative Christians so distrustful of experts and enamored with fringe conspiracies? Then, David French has joined The New York Times. Progressives are upset about his Christian views, and conservatives are accusing him of selling out for acceptance among liberal elites. This launches the hosts into a broader discussion about the difference between principled pluralism and cultural accommodation. And Christian theologians universally agree that the God revealed in the Bible is neither male nor female, but Jesus was a man and he taught us to pray to “Our Father.” How do we reconcile these facts? Kaitlyn Schiess interviews Dr. Amy Peeler about her new book, Women and the Gender of God.

News Segment

0:00 - Intro

4:05 - Damar Hamlin and conspiracy theories

21:14 - Principled pluralism & cultural accommodation

46:22 - Sponsor: Faithful Counseling

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Interview with Amy Peeler

"Women and the Gender of God" -

Amy Peeler -

47:36 - Guest intro

49:08 - About Amy Peeler

52:27 - Gender and God

55:41 - Inclusion in Christ

1:01:18 - Feminist criticisms

1:08:52 - Fatherhood language

1:16:05 - Masculinity and God

1:20:28 - Roles of women

1:29:23 - Credits

Links mentioned:

“David French Joins The Times as an Opinion Columnist” -

“David French and the Future of Orthodox Protestantism” by Carl R. Trueman (First Things) -

“Pluralism Isn’t Just for Political Losers” by John Inazu -

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