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Does Your Child Have a Question for Kaitlyn?
Do You Have a Great Moment in Sunday School History? 


We are encouraging you adults to also get involved with Great Moments in Sunday School History! If you have a fond memory or fun story from your own days in Sunday School, please record them and send them in!  



About Curiously, Kaitlyn

Theology is often seen as boring, confusing, and not relevant to the average person, but what if there was a way to make it fun, clear, and deeply impactful?


Curiously, Kaitlyn is a weekly podcast hosted by author and theologian, Kaitlyn Schiess where she seeks to do just that. Each week she takes a question from an inquisitive kid about God, the Bible, or theology and brings on a scholar to answer the question in a way that makes sense even if you don’t have a PhD in Theology. Together, Kaitlyn and her guest unpack complex theological concepts, striving to demystify them and distill them down into something that helps people see God or their faith in a new way.


Whether you're reminiscing about your own childhood curiosities or simply seeking a refreshing take on faith, tune in and rediscover the joy of learning with "Curiously Kaitlyn.”


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Praise for 'Curiously, Kaitlyn'

"I'd listen to Kaitlyn describe how paint dries or the grass grows because I know she's going to make it interesting, challenging, and accessible for the rest of us. Really looking forward to Curiously, Kaitlyn!" 

-Lore Ferguson 

"I’ve always believed that if an adult can’t explain something clearly to a child, the adult probably never understood it properly to begin with. I can’t wait to download ‘Curiously, Kaitlyn’ to hear that principle being put into practice. I predict this will quickly become a go-to podcast for anyone in search of theology that makes sense to normal people."

- Justin Brierley 

 “Kaitlyn has a unique gift that most of us pastors need—she can make complicated subjects easily understood. When you combine that giftedness with her warmth, wit, and love of the local church, you have perhaps the perfect theology teacher. When you add in the fact that she loves kids, too? She reminds me of Jesus. I can hardly wait to listen and recommend this new podcast to friends and church members. I know she’s going to help all of us.”

-Steve Bezner

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