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Why I’m Still a Christian with Lecrae

Updated: Nov 29, 2023

The last five or six years have been rough for many thoughtful faithful Christians. The embrace of Trump and Trumpism, the rise of ethnic nationalism and xenophobia, conspiracy theories and abuse scandals have rocked the church.

Many have walked away in disgust. Some have spoken out and paid the price and yet, rather than walking away, they have remained committed to Christ and his church. We wanted to sit down with a few of those who have cried out like voices in the wilderness and who have been attacked by the church they love, and yet still remain. One of those people is Lecrae, an award winning hip hop artist and entrepreneur, initially celebrated in white reformed evangelical circles. Things changed when he began speaking out about racial justice. Concerts were canceled and boycotts were called for. We sat down with Lecrae to hear his story and find out why through it all, he's still following Jesus.

0:00 - Theme Song

0:29 - Intro

1:25 - Lecrae’s backstory

8:12 - How the last 6-7 years changed Lecrae’s view of Evangelicalism

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19:57 - How Lecrae views his faith and the Church today

31:14 - Lecrae’s advice to those deconstructing their faith

38:05 - End Credits


I Am Restored: How I Lost My Religion but Found My Faith by Lecrae

Episode Music - “Sorrow’s Got a Hold On Me” by Paul Zach

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Sep 29, 2023

Loved this. So thoughtful and wise. Thanks Lecrae and Phil.


This little mini series is so what I needed right now-- I'm committed to Christ but church is quickly becoming the most discouraging thing I do every week. Thank you so much for giving me reasons to stay and fight to bring it back to being a christ-centered community.


To Lecrae: It may have hurt you

To talk to whites 'bout "Trayvon"

But we needed to hear ... 俳句

Thanks for being you. I'm some cis-het white guy up in Canada but I needed to hear and your voice (and I didn't notice it when you spoke but I heard the collective sound) was part of how I learned. So your therapy may have been redemptive for you, but the immediate causes of the wounds you received from white evangelicals (your speaking up) was redemptive for us. Thanks for risking (and suffering) the pain by speaking up. I regret the pain but if you can hear it, you need not regret the speaking up you expressed in "talking to the…

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