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French Friday: Update from Ukraine & The Future Of Affirmative Action

David French has just returned from Ukraine where he saw the devastating impact of the Russian invasion. He talks to Skye about the resilience of the Ukrainian people, the need for more American support, and how a Trump victory in 2024 is part of Putin’s war plan. Then, the Supreme Court appears likely to rule against colleges and universities that consider race in the admission process. What are the arguments for and against Affirmative Action, and how will the court’s decision reverberate beyond higher education?

0:00 - Theme Song

0:17 - Why there is not more U.S. support of Ukraine

20:35 - David’s experience in Kyiv

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36:22 - Harvard Affirmative Action Case in the Supreme Court

45:45 - Previous Affirmative Action cases

58:49 - End Credits

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Barbara Morrigan
Barbara Morrigan
05 nov. 2023

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I find the discussion of how liberal politics have invaded higher Ed a little one-sided. At the risk of “both sides-ing,” it depends on which institution you are at and which department you are in. In medicine, I have had colleagues who were fired for expressing viewpoints that were too liberal.

There is bias everywhere because bias is a part of being human - we are all biased towards our own experience, and it can be very difficult to step out of our own box and see someone else’s perspective. This is really the argument for diversity - those different perspectives are enriching, and it is important for students to see those perspectives as they practice working in teams. My…

28 mai 2023
En réponse à

Thank you for this. Implying that university thought is a mono-culture is a completely unserious and, frankly, an out of touch argument. Universities are run by groups (board of regents, presidents, chancellors) that are generally older, whiter, more male, and appointed based on their proximately to wealth and political power. Then you have the teaching and research faculty that has a huge age range and made up of people from all around the globe. In addition, groups within the computer science department are going to have completely different thoughts and beliefs as groups that focus on gender studies and completely different thoughts and beliefs as groups that focus on business. Finally, you have students that are generally very young, but …


26 mai 2023

Thanks for covering the importance of Ukriane. As an ex-pat in Poland raising a family I have never appreciated Nato and supporting Ukraine more. Also if you want to hear from Ukrianian Christians themselves in how they are coping in war I know a lot of them and some crazy stories of people witnessing to Russians or being captured trying to bring supplies, etc... Crazy times.

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