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French Friday: Free Speech & Social Media

Voices on the right, from Elon Musk to Fox News, are accusing social media companies of violating the First Amendment's protection of free speech. David French is back to talk with Skye Jethani about what speech the First Amendment does, and does not, protect. And he explains why the decision of a private citizen or company, like Twitter, to remove content or limit free speech is not unconstitutional.

They also debate what responsibility social media companies do have for the speech they allow on their platforms, as well as court cases in Texas and Florida that could dramatically change how social media functions for all Americans.

0:00 - Intro 2:15 - Free speech and social media 53:24 - Free speech and journalism 1:05:10 - Credits "Elon Musk and Tucker Carlson Don't Understand the First Amendment" by David French (The Atlantic) -

"The 'Twitter Files' Show It's Time to Reimagine Free Speech Online" by David French (The Dispatch)

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