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Episode 477: Rethinking the Lord's Prayer with Derwin Gray

Friend of the show Derwin Gray has a new book! When did he have time to write it? We don’t know! But he also found time to sit down with Skye and talk about it. Derwin says the Lord’s Prayer isn’t just a prayer, but an entire catechism of faith, a lesson in communing with God, and a call for the people of God to engage in issues of justice. He unpacks it all with Skye.

And did scientists find the biblical city of Sodom? Have psychologists found the number one predictor of atheism? And a new study finds that young Brits are twice as likely to pray regularly than their elders! What’s up with that?? Mike Erre joins Kaitlyn and Phil to parse the news of the day on this week’s Holy Post!

Did scientists find the biblical city of Sodom? [6:47]

Predicting atheism in adulthood [20:50]

Young people in the UK are twice as likely as older people to pray regularly [35:27]

Other links:

Mike Erre’s podcast -

Interview with Derwin Gray

“God, Do You Hear Me?”

Interview Start [50:12]

Pastoral vision for prayer [54:54]

The Lord’s Prayer as a mini catechism [1:00:28]

The kingdom & loving our neighbor [1:09:21]

Christ as the treasure [1:16:42]

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Melody Foster
Melody Foster
Oct 06, 2021

Loved the convo about Kaitlyn's apologetics phase

I had one in junior high, but 15-20 years before Kaitlyn was in junior high. My Dad recommended Josh McDowell's "Don't Check Your Brain at the Door", which I thought really misunderstood the issues/doubts/concerns it was trying to address. Or maybe it just tweaked them to be easier to answer than the actual objections that were out there. Unclear.

I'm not surprised that kids with credible examples of Christianity are more likely to be Christians as adults. Though I do have more and more friends in their 20s-30s who really respect their parents' faith - but find the church to be too repellant to put up with. But, it seems like they…

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