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Are the Kids Alright? EPISODE 1: Understanding the Teen Mental Health Crisis with Lisa Damour

Updated: Nov 29, 2023

Whether you're a parent, a youth pastor, a teacher or a young person yourself, you've probably seen all of the headlines concerning Gen Z. Rates of depression and loneliness are surging, their relationship with technology is kind of troubling, and they are leaving the church in droves. We've talked about these trends a lot on the Holy Post, but we're not alone. Tenx10 is a new collaborative discipleship initiative whose mission is to make faith matter more for this younger generation. We've partnered with Tenx10 to create this series and to hear from experts in each episode about the challenges young people and those who care about them are facing. One of those experts is Lisa Damour. Lisa is an American clinical psychologist and New York Times best selling author who specializes in the development of teenagers and young people. Her newest book, “The Emotional Lives of Teenagers helps us understand teenagers, intense and often fraught emotional lives and how to support them through this critical developmental stage, Kaitlyn Schiess sat down with Lisa to find out if the kids are going to be alright.”

0:00 - Theme Song

0:18 - Intro

1:30 - Handling Negative Emotions

8:05 - Developing Brains of Teens

18:17 - How Adults Can Help Teens

36:09 - Tenx10 Info - Go to for resources on how to help the younger generation care more about faith

37:20 - Debrief with Kara Powell

1:00:04 - End Credits

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Great episode and topic, thank you!!


This was a fantastic episode. Really enjoyed hearing the discussion and all the insights. Will definitely be keeping what I've learned in mind in regard to my grandchildren. Also, in regard to the song "Don't Worry be Happy", that is definitely Bobby McFerrin and Skye I worry about you mentioning UB40 who sang "Red Red Wine" (among others), which is probably not the best song for many teenagers. lol 😆

Replying to

I don't think the song "Red Red Wine" led to a catastrophe of alcoholism among Gen Xers, just saying... ;)

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