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602: When Vischer Met Reiner

A new documentary hits theaters on February 16 about Christian Nationalism called God and Country. It features Phil and Skye, and many other Holy Post contributors. The executive producer of the movie is legendary actor, producer, and director, Rob Reiner, who’s created classics like The Princess Bride, When Harry Met Sally, and A Few Good Men. Reiner is a well-known supporter of progressive political and cultural causes and he’s not a Christian, which has triggered an avalanche of criticism from conservatives against those featured in the film. In this episode, Phil talks to Rob Reiner and Dan Partland, the director of God and Country, about why they made the movie, why they affirm Christians who are politically engaged but criticize Christian Nationalism, and what they hope the documentary accomplishes. Skye and Kaitlyn then join Phil to debrief the interview.

Holy Post Plus Getting Schooled - The Worship Wars

0:00 - Intro

1:38 - Show Starts

4:28 - Theme Song

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7:05 - Prefacing the Interview

9:55 - The Interview Begins

13:42 - How the God & Country Documentary Came To Be

27:05 - Faith and Voting

31:40 - What is Christian Nationalism?

37:43 - The First Culture War Show

46:00 - Who Decides What Counts as Progress?

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58:52 - Debrief Begins

1:32:15 - End Credits


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