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600: Not Debating Trump & Being Like Jesus with John Mark Comer

Updated: Mar 29

It’s been nearly a decade since Donald Trump descended on his golden escalator and turned conventional wisdom about evangelical political values upside-down. Bonnie Kristian has a new article arguing that the only one’s still fighting about whether or not to support him are the “evangelical elites,” but for average evangelicals the debate about Trump is over. John Mark Comer is back to discuss his new book, “Practicing the Way.” He talks with Skye about the high cost of non-discipleship, and the unique ways ministry can malform a young pastor’s soul. Plus, scientists in the UK discover that most people can talk chicken.

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Bonus Interview with John Mark Comer

0:00 - Intro

2:33 - Show Starts

3:54 - Theme Song

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6:30 - Chicken Talk

18:53 - The Trump Debate is Dead

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51:46 - Interview with John Mark Comer

1:26:10 - End Credits

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The Trump Debate Is Dead

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Practicing the Way: Be with Jesus. Become like him. Do as he did. By John Mark Comer

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farare janna
farare janna
2 days ago

Online games have helped infinite craft me improve my hand-eye coordination. The quick reflexes needed in games translate well to real-life tasks.


"I think the Holy Spirit is real". This is the BEST attitude adjustment. Thank you Kaitlyn!

geometry dash


cie kalyl
cie kalyl
Jun 05

Geometry Dash 3D - This user-generated content extends the game's lifespan, providing endless opportunities for new challenges and creativity.


Good discussions on the podcast.

It is problematic when people only receive news information from their particular media silo, and it is further complicated when the leading directive is not to criticize the "team", where as criticizing the opposing "team" is fair game.

John Mark Comer mentioned that perhaps only 4% of evangelicals are in a discipleship life-style. That sort of lines-up with the statistic from the Barna Group that only 4% of America now hold a biblical worldview.

A distressing thought is that over 80% of U.S. white evangelicals will end up supporting and voting for a candidate that parrots fascist dictator thought. Where as Bonhoeffer gave his life fighting that very thought as part of the Confessing Church…


Once again, my favorite Holy Post-ers gloss over the topic of industrial animal welfare (tangential to the chicken study) and reduce it to a punch line, dismissing it as a political issue instead of a theological one. I have news for you: the mandate God gave us to steward creation and the animals on it did not expire with the fall of Eden. This isn’t about whether or not to eat meat (meat is delicious); this is about asking what is ethical in that process.

Read “Stewards of Eden” and interview the author, professor Richter, Hebrew scholar at Harvard and translator for the NIV on her understanding of God’s emphasis throughout the Old and New Testaments asking and answering the…

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