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599: Paganism Returns & a New New Testament with Scot McKnight

As Christianity declines in cultural influence what is taking its place? A recent article in The Atlantic written by Rabbi David Wolpe argues that paganism is on the rise, but it takes different forms on the cultural left and right. Mike Erre joins Phil and Skye to discuss the trend and why it may actually be good news for the church. Then, professor Scot McKnight returns to talk about his new translations of the New Testament called “The Second Testament.” He explains why his version uses odd language like “the Heavens’ Empire” instead of “the Kingdom of Heaven,” and why our familiarity with the Bible causes us to misread it. Also this week, scientists retract a claim about avocados, and Phil has a public service announcement about navel stones.

Holy Post Plus Scot Mcknight Bonus interview

0:00 - Intro

1:29 - Show Starts

4:51 - Theme Song

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6:31 - News of the Butt Retraction

12:44 - Belly Button Public Service Announcement

16:16 - The Return of the Pagans

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59:05 - Interview Intro

1:03:58 - The differences in McKnight’s translation

1:15:05 - Why make the translation harder to read

1:3:28 - End Credits

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The Return of the Pagans

Other resources:

The Second Testament

​​Pivot: The Priorities, Practices, and Powers That Can Transform Your Church into a Tov Culture

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Scot McKnight is a treasure. He was on the awesome Mike Erre and Tim Stafford's podcast a while ago, and I loved the interview and the content. I personally love the banter that Phil, Skye, and Mike have. It's obvious they are friends. It reminds me of our 'office' banter with my beloved colleagues. And the banter I have with my friends. :)

Excited to read the Second Testament, and challenge my scripture reading. Thank you!


Sorry, but Mike is the worst guest. Guy is supposedly a pastor and opens with an OnlyFans joke and barbs towards his (and Skye's) wife? I cringed for the entire conversation.


Can we talk about how dispensationalism is influencing American Christians to advocate for Palestinian Genocide? A discussion on this toxic belief would be beneficial.


"Pagan values"? Can you just say "non-religious" if that's what you mean? Because "pagan" isn't the same thing at all, if you ask any actual modern pagans... reverence for nature can be part of it, yes, but that's not the same as environmentalism, and the focus on money certainly isn't. If you talk with real modern pagans, like Wiccans or those who follow Asatru, it's a misuse of the term.


News of the Butt Retraction...aka The Clench.

Replying to

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