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598: Mailbag: Picking Churches, Candidates, & Careers

Phil, Skye, and Kaitlyn begin the new year by answering listener questions. They address how to make important decisions from picking a church to picking a candidate. If you disagree with a worship song in a church gathering should you still sing it? They share some of their favorite movies with redemptive themes, what alternative careers they’ve considered, and how they maintain relationships with people they disagree with. Plus, Skye shares why he thinks sermon-centric Sundays are a problem and what the alternatives are. Kaitlyn offers advice to theology students and explains the difference between biblical studies and theology. And Phil really likes menopause metaphors.

Holy Post Plus Extended Mailbag

0:00 - Intro

1:15 - Show Starts

3:00 - Theme Song

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5:33 - Show Resumes

9:00 - What career would the team change to?

14:54 - Which candidate to vote for if you don’t like either?

21:55 - Advice for those pursuing biblical scholarship

30:15 - Criteria for picking a church

46:15 - What would replace the sermon in a church service?

1:03:43 - What non christian movie should every Christian watch?

1:10:15 - How do we maintain relationships with people we disagree with?

1:16:44 - End Credits

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Jan 24

Since I am married to a NT scholar, I admit to being a little sensitive on the topic of theology/biblical scholarship that Kaitlyn raises. I also realize she was careful not to say "all," but because we were in Christian higher ed for a number of years, I can assure you that the biblical scholars we were associated with, husband included of course, melded theology and biblical scholarship in their teaching. That was one of the things his students always appreciated. Now as a pastor at a church, my husband still does. I always appreciate Kaitlyn to be sure, but that discussion seemed narrow in its focus. But then, I am sure she is also sensitive to the theology question.…


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Would my three favorite podcast hosts be willing to put out a list of top ten favorite movies?? Phil mentioned some I’m not familiar with and would love to check them out.


Skye, have you ever explored or experienced unprogrammed Quaker meetings? At these meetings (the Quaker name for religious services), the group sits in silence, opening themselves to the Holy Spirit. If moved by the Spirit, individuals may rise and share their leadings. Yes, sometimes, folks may use this as therapy time, or to share opinions, but often, the leadings touch the soul. -Toni, Burleson, TX


Skye is taking a too narrow interpretation of people being upset by others openly disagreeing with them. Yes, insecurity is true of some people, but others have been sent a weird message that intensity of their reaction to disagreement is a reflection of the depth of their convictions. They think if they don't make a big fuss, then it means they don't really care much. You can see this mindset other places too: elaborate melodramatic weddings, hyperbolic language about things that aren't that big of a deal, neurotic mommies over reacting to every little thing their precious pookies do, church music leaders using songs with dramatic chord structure/progression with low quality lyrics and theatrical lighting to pump up emotion w…

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