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571: TV, Authoritarianism, & the Formative Power of Reading with Jessica Hooten Wilson

- It’s been one year since the Dobbs decision by the Supreme Court overturned Roe v Wade. What have we learned, who has benefitted politically, and has it really reduced the abortion rate? Do television shows that focus on individual heroes and violent solutions to problems cultivate authoritarian beliefs? A new study finds a link between how much TV a person watches and how they vote. A spokesperson from Liberty University says that in order to control the education of their kids, Christians can learn from Stalin, Hitler, and Mao—oh my! Kaitlyn interviews Jessica Hooten Wilson about the power of literature and reading in our spiritual formation, and why it’s particularly challenging for evangelicals. Plus, Christian rummages through the attics of strangers in Germany, and all hail our new canine robot overlord—the Thermonator!

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0:00 - Intro

1:41 - Show Starts

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6:27 - Christian is in Luxembourg

10:01 - Flamethrowing robot dogs

17:44 - One year anniversary of Dobbs

31:28 - Relationship between television viewing and Trump support

41:52 - Liberty University spokesperson invokes Stalin, Mao, and Hitler on "education"


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54:10 - Interview Intro

58:18 - The importance of non-Biblical literature

1:07:20 - Augustine

1:18:24 - How to read the Bible well

1:32:36 - End Credits

Links mentioned in news segment:

Great, They’re Putting Flamethrowers on Robot Dogs Now

Authoritarianism mediates the relationship between television viewing and Trump support, study finds

Liberty University spokesperson invokes Stalin, Mao, and Hitler on "education": "We have to get back to that for conservative values"

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Reading for the Love of God: How to Read as a Spiritual Practice by Jessica Hooten Wilson

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Enjoyed the interview and especially the comments about “flat thinking.” I am GenX who grew up in the Evangelical church, and I think that “flat thinking” has its roots in a fear of post-modernist thinking where there was no absolute truth. In reaction to the idea that there is no absolute truth, evangelicals went too far the other way and categorized everything into “good” versus “bad” including movies and books. They also were very fearful of anyone who interpreted the Bible differently from the evangelical tradition, including views about gender hierarchies both in the church and the world. This sort of fear makes it very difficult to have a conversation with the fundamentalist Evangelical vein of Christianity as there is…


Mervin Bitikofer
Mervin Bitikofer
02 ก.ค. 2566

I immediately purchased Wilson's "Reading for the Love of God" just on the strength of wanting to see the Bibliography alone - the listed recommended good readings in the Appendix. And as was noted, the list isn't meant to be anything near 'complete', of course. But I found the whole book to be a wonderful exhortation that people (especially teachers) everywhere should take to heart. I would love to have been able to "talk back" - or maybe even push back a bit on Wilson's treatment of "the Bible" (chapter 2), which was understandbly a reverential treatment. And not that I object to that, as a believer myself, - and in fact can probably recommend this book more widel…

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