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563: How Rapture Theology Shaped America (Part 1)

Many Christians in America simply assume that Jesus could return at any moment, that believers will be raptured in the twinkling of an eye, that the state of Israel has a special role in the End Times, and that the church should just save souls and stay out of politics. In Part 1 of an interview about this new book, historian Daniel G. Hummel explains to Phil how this rapture theology isn’t rooted in church history, but was invented by a British layman less than 200 years ago. And why it was embraced by American pastors during the Civil War who wanted to avoid talking about slavery, race, and reconstruction. Also this week—paganism is on the rise. Who is really killing public schools? And women will win the battle of the sexes in 4.6 million years.

Patreon Bonus: Christian Asks - What Happens to Non-Christians When They Die?

Defined Terms to Know for This Week’s Interview

Millennium - The thousand year reign of Christ described in Revelation 20:1-8. There are basically three understandings of this:

  • Premillennialism - (Think Left Behind book series) Christians will be raptured, leaving behind everyone else. There will be a tribulation period with the rise of the Antichrist, mark of the beast, war, famine, earthquakes, etc. before Christ eventually comes and rules on earth for 1,000 years during which peace will reign. After one final rebellion, God will crush evil forever, offer a final judgment, and establish heaven and hell for eternity.

  • Postmillennialism - The millennium will come from the spiritual and moral influence of the Church through preaching and teaching. Conversions will increase and evil will diminish. In other words, Christians will make the world a better and better place and after that, Christ will come back, the dead will be resurrected, and there will be a final judgment

  • Amillennialism - The 1000 year period mentioned in Revelation does not refer to a specific period of time, but to the heavenly reign of Christ. Rev. 20 means the return of Christ will occur at the end of history. Sees Revelation as more symbolic than literal.

Eschatology - The study of the end times - how history will end and Christ will come back to establish his eternal kingdom

Ecclesiology - the study of the church - its mission and structure as well as its place in God’s overall plan for the world

0:00 - Intro

3:11 - Theme Song

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4:41 - The end of men?

13:48 - Dawn of the new pagans

32:52 - Public vs Private vs Homeschool Debate


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55:46 - Interview Intro

1:03:50 - Who is John Darby?

1:14:21- Dispensationalism advanced by the Civil War and Dwight Moody

1:35:21 - End Credits

Links mentioned in news segment:

Scientists divided over what will happen to men as Y chromosome is disappearing

Dawn of the new pagans: ‘Everybody’s welcome – as long as you keep your clothes on!’

How school choice drives America’s people of faith apart

Other resources:

The Rise and Fall of Dispensationalism: How the Evangelical Battle over the End Times Shaped a Nation by Daniel Hummel

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79 comentarios

I am a big supporter of public schools, and I felt worried when the hosts complained about kids getting too many chances to complete work at school. I think there is important context missing. I agree that kids are getting more chances at scholol today - I see this happening in my son’s high school policies. It’s also paired with the encouragement for students to advocate for themselves. Turning in an assignment late can be a form of accountability, an opportunity to see opportunity - a second chance - and the kid still does the work. I think it’s better than just giving up and feeling demoralized. It can turn a failure into a success. I think the hosts framed…

Me gusta

Hey HP team - I really wanted to share the rapture interview with a larger audience. Any chance I can get this as a standalone audio anywhere?? While hilarious, waxing eloquent on the demise of men as a prelude won't necessarily bring the credibility I'm looking for to the rapture convo! Thanks Jonathan

Me gusta

My thoughts whenever I hear debate about "my tax dollars are going to public schools and I want more control..." - well I don't want my tax dollars going to a bloated, mismanaged military budget!! Where are the military vouchers I could redirect to foreign aid and peace initiatives?

Isn't the whole idea of democracy that we pay our taxes (everyone, please) and then we vote for people who will make policies that we agree with? If everyone designated their taxes - how would that government function??

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Contestando a

Please hear the sighs and laughing frustration in my comment. I would love to find a group where an in-person discussion of these issues could happen.

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Mark Jensen
Mark Jensen
07 may 2023

The discussion on J. N. Darby and the Plymouth Brethren was of great interest to me. My wife and I spent 30 years in Brethren churches. Five different ones across the U.S. The sect we met with was known as Open Brethren. The other side of the split when Darby went on his own to establish the Exclusive Brethren. Daniel Hummel hit the high spots of Darby and the Brethren movement pretty accurately based on my readings and knowledge of Brethren history. We found our time in the Brethren to be a mixed bag. The focus in the Open Brethren was on Bible teaching, missions, reaching out with the gospel into local neighborhoods, and strengthen families. It was, still is,…

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Yes, one of the reasons it took 20-30 years to record the history of Jesus' time here was because the Apostles were anticipating Christ's return. It was only later that they decided to record something for future generations.

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Daniel Bennett
Daniel Bennett
07 may 2023

Having someone with actual work experience in a public school might have lead to a more informed discussion. Skye-death by suicide due to teacher unions? Come on. Teachers are underpaid professionals who are tasked with Caring for kids as they arrive, with all baggage, but also making them fit in a box defined by standardized tests and “success measures” that dehumanize the kids educators are tasked for serving. Also, that you go straight to ideas about gender identity being issues when what dominates the news is DeSantis and other such governors erasing American history from public education. These are external factors being put on educators. If schools are dying it’s because good educators are being driven out by external forces…

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Agree. We left our Christian private school in part because of the MAGA political agenda.

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