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516: A Boomer and a Millennial on the Future of the Church with Nancy Beach & Samantha Beach Kiley

Although the Religious Right is on a winning streak at the Supreme Court, data shows it’s losing in the court of public opinion. Gallop reports more Americans than ever no longer believe in God, and only a minority of Americans share the political and cultural beliefs of conservative evangelicals. The Holy Post crew responds to a Jesuit priest’s article wondering if overturning Roe was worth the costs, and congresswoman Lauren Boebert says the church should be running the government. But which church does she have in mind? Then Skye talks to mother and daughter, Nancy Beach and Samantha Beach Kiley, about their book “Next Sunday: An Honest Dialogue About the Future of the Church.” Nancy pioneered the seeker-driven megachurch movement at Willow Creek, but also experienced its toxicity and collapse. Her daughter, Samantha, is now a pastor seeking to apply the lessons—both positive and negative—from her megachurch upbringing to a new generation. Plus, the New York Supreme Court makes a jumbo ruling.

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News Segment

0:00 - Intro

2:21 - Christian’s travelogue and other updates

5:45 - Happy the Elephant

14:03 - More SCOTUS rulings

23:27 - Christian Right losing in public opinion

30:38 - Costs of overturning Roe

46:07 - Americans’ belief in God is dropping


52:19 - Faithful Counseling

Interview with Nancy Beach and Samantha Beach Kiley

“Next Sunday: An Honest Dialogue About the Future of the Church” -

Samantha Beach Kiley -

56:04 - Relevance and trust

1:03:24 - Beyond content delivery

1:08:02 - Experiencing other traditions

1:10:59 - Blind spots and overcorrecting

1:18:00 - Church leadership culture

1:27:42 - Credits

Articles referenced in news segment:

“Happy the elephant is not a person, New York’s highest court rules” -

“The Christian Right is winning in court while losing in public opinion” (NPR) -

“What has the demise of Roe v. Wade cost the Catholic Church?” by Thomas Reese (Religion News Service) -

“Poll: Americans’ belief in God is dropping” -

Resource mentioned in interview:

“The Art of Gathering: How We Meet and Why It Matters” by Priya Parker - The Holy Post is supported by our listeners. We may earn affiliate commissions through links listed here. As an Amazon Associate, we earn from qualifying purchases.

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